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I miss this model.  And this shower!

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Stephanie on the Beach Living in Florida, I end up shooting a lot of swimwear, both on and off the beach.  This is one of my favorite models, Stephanie, on the beach near the Space Center.  We went out before dawn and shot for a while in swimwear and a nice white dress she had along, too.

For this shot I posed her so the sunlight would define her muscles well, and waited for just the right wave to come along.  A little post-process emphasis to make that water nice and crisp and this shot became one of our favorites from the day!


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Taking the Leap Some images are mostly luck, some are mostly planning, and the best images are often a combination of the two.  Such was the case the day I shot this iconic image with the lovely Madison Conradis.  We had gone to this beachside park in Melbourne with a few other models and photographers for a group shoot.  Given the angle of the sun relative to the sand court, I put a wide-angle lens on my camera, positioned myself where her shadow would be when she jumped, and we staged this shot.  It took a few tries to get it just right, and even then the ball was in the wrong place in the frame (too far away).  A little digital wizardy moved the ball, reshaped it to be more round, and removed both the brand logo and the yellowish cast it had from the ambient light.  The resulting image is one of the best shots in either her port or mine!

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Photo Blog Welcome to my new photo blog.  In this space you'll see some of my images and hear the stories behind them!

Let's start with one of my most talked-about images.  Scooby and Skylar posed for this image at dawn on a chilly morning near Lake Ashby in central Volusia County.  Both are experienced acrobats, and we had this idea for a balanced pose based on their physical abilities.  I worked on getting my settings just right to showcase their forms while they practiced the pose.  It took us a couple of tries, and they couldn't hold it for more than a moment or two, but the resulting image is one of the most iconic shots in all three of our portfolios!

Greg Coleman Photography - Balance

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